In keeping with our tradition of personalized service, Federal Capital Markets Limited provides Customized Equity Advisory Group to clients based on their profile. Equity Research is an inherent strength of Federal Capital Markets Limited, converting research to advice is the main function of Equity Advisory. Investors are presented with well researched opportunities in companies which will grow in both market perceived value and growth. Along side, the trading fraternity is catered to with ideas induced by Technical analysis and news flow analysis.

Benefits of opening an account with Federal Capital Markets Limited:

  • Wide range of investment choices – Equity, Derivatives, IPOs and Mutual Funds
  • Discounted Brokerage Schemes
  • Leverage Products allowing you to trade more on your margin
  • Online Trading Platform from your Desktop, Web, or Call N Trade


Equity derivative is a class of derivatives whose value is at least partly derived from one or more underlying equity securities. Options and futures are the two major products under derivatives.

Federal Capital Markets Limited provides the platform for clients to trade in both futures and options, which are available on Indices and Stocks. Derivatives can be used as a hedging tool to reduce risk or could be used for speculation, but the contract has an expiry period. Hence it can be risky for customers who are new to the stock market.

Derivatives trading is a good instrument for hedging, leveraging your portfolio and making profits. Access to sophisticated trading tools, daily derivative strategies, market news and market outlook to help you make informed investment decisions.

Good advice from our derivatives desk through regular reports, SMS alerts, technical analysis, real-time charts and news to help you evaluate opportunities and develop investment strategies.

Customers can make various strategies like Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover call writing, hedging strategies and execute the trades faster and smarter and make good profits by reducing risks.


The term IPO only refers to the first public issuance of a company’s shares. It assumes a company is big enough, successful enough, and has the required track record to raise capital in the public equity market.

Investing in an IPO is a risky and speculative investment. Only Speculators depending on their investment objectives and risk tolerance, should consider this type of investment.

Federal Capital Markets Limited will help the clients by giving a detailed report about the prospects of the company planning for IPO and advice the clients to apply for it as and when its issued.

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