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Federal Capital Markets Limited is one of the leading SEBI registered stock broking company in Bangalore offering diverse range of stock broking services—Equity, Derivatives, Insurance, Commodities and IPOs. Our main focus is to bring financial products within the reach of all with our in-depth knowledge and personalized service. We believe in protecting clients’ investment and delivering consistent long term returns substantially above the market performance. We have products for long term wealth creation to suit different income and age profiles.

Federal Capital Markets Limited is managed by a team of professionals who have excelled in various fields of financial management with about 15 years of experience. The Team drives the vision of the company with their knowledge and experience. We make trading and investment recommendations after thorough research into companies, industries and economic risks.

We at Federal Capital believe that in this highly competitive era the need of the hour is to be equipped with the best available technology to handle current and future challenges.. We endeavor to deliver world-class client service and ensure that our clients have a delightful experience from partnering with us. We emphasize on integrity, client commitment, profitability, operational excellence, continuous innovation, fundamental research, technical analysis and systematic investment ideas.


Our vision is to be the best Financial Services provider in India. And to give the best investment ideas and help our investors understand the economics of the stock market.


The growing Indian financial market demands constant up-gradation of knowledge and technology. With the financial markets being systematic and competitive, the need for expertise has increased rapidly.

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Wealth creation is an art and happens with financial planning and investing in the right set of stocks.

We at Federal capital identify shares which should perform well in the next few years .

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Joseph John -Director

Joseph John is a Management Consultant and Founding Partner of Symmetry Advisory Services LLP. Joseph carries wide ranging experience in the fields of management and consulting for 26 years. Since 2011 he provides Consulting in the fields of Human Resources and Organization Development to clients in India and advises some of the global consulting firms on organization strategies and compensation policies. He brings entrepreneurial instinct coupled with rich capability in a variety of functional and business areas.

Rajan K. Samuel -Director

Rajan K. Samuel has about 30 years experience in Management and sales. He is an investor in the stock market since the last 25 years and is very well versed with the Indian stock market. He has experienced many bull and bear markets and hence advices Federal Capital markets Limited on the market moves with his valuable inputs. His disciplined approach in stock investments has given very good returns and he imparts the same ideas to the investment/Portfolio/trading desk.

P. A. Abraham -Director

P. A. Abraham has about 40 years of experience in Insurance and investments. Abraham worked with LIC of India and is an expert on insurance products. He is also into fundamental analysis and does a lot of Research on stocks. Our New product Wealth@21 is his idea which we think would be the future of Stock market investments because it automatically takes care of the volatility in the stock market. It also involves systematic investment ideas which have already given handsome returns to our clients.

Thomas A. -Head Operations

Thomas A. is a MBA finance with about 14 years of experience in the Stock markets. He is heading the operations in Federal Capital Markets Limited. Thomas is also experienced in Fundamental analysis and regularly updates the investors about the stock market and gives research based buy calls which is very beneficial for our clients. He also heads the business/franchisee expansion in Federal Capital Markets Limited.